Ballasted track

Cables at rail foot

Cables which pass along the rail foot, for example for train control systems, continue to be fully functional after installation of Calmmoon Rail. These cables are now additionally protected by Calmmoon Rail from inadvertent effects due to maintenance work.

Calmmoon Rail offers additional safety for these elements and thus prevents damage to them.

Maximum shielding of rail surface

In practice, Calmmoon Rail can be adapted very well and easily to all circumstances at bridges and the track, be it different spacings between sleepers at crossings or cables laid at the rail etc.
Calmmoon Rail is adapted quickly to the situation on site with normal tools.

Shielding of rails in curves

Calmmoon Rail does not affect the track decay rate due to its low mass. Thus, the system ensures that the surface of the rail in a curve is formed and corrugated only by the daily train traffic.

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