Customised production ex works

FFU synthetic wood sleepers can be manufactured and supplied ex works to the most precise customer requirements.
This allows a considerable reduction in

  • Adjustments on site
  • The time needed to install FFU railway sleepers
  • The duration of the track possession
  • The cost of site logistics
  • The cost of project preparation

Prefabrication in the factory

  • False edges for superelevations
  • Bore holes for sleeper fastening
  • Milled groove for longitudinal bearer supports
  • Sanding of the surface
  • False edges for transverse displacement
  • Special shape of FFU railway sleeper
  • Large cross-sections and lengths

Clear marking of FFU® railway sleeper

The FFU synthetic sleepers prefabricated by customer order are already clearly marked in the factory in accordance with the laying plan. This allows installation at the predetermined position to proceed quickly and safely.

Gradient adjustment ex works

If the gradient of an existing bridge structure needs to be recreated, the individual FFU bridge sleepers can be manufactured to the millimetre and to the respective different heights.
Hence, the FFU bridge sleeper is prepared for a perfect gradient.

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