Field measurement 2009 near Deutsch Wagram

Long-term practical test

From 19.5.2009 to 21.8.2009, Calmmoon Rail rail web noise shielding was installed at the Deutsch Wagram ÖBB infrastructure measurement station over a length of about 30 m into main line 1 as part of a practical test. The reduction in the noise level of passing trains was examined and quantified based on the specifications of ÖNORM EN ISO 3095.

Measurement station

The measurement station for the test setup of Calmmoon Rail was situated on the North line outside Deutsch Wagram on track 1 at kilometre 14.6. The track consisted of rails on concrete sleepers in a ballast bed with a sleeper spacing of 60 cm and S 49 rails. The vertical track decay rate was 3.5 dB/m [500 – 2000Hz](TSI).

Noise reduction LA,pb

A noise reduction LA,pb of 2 to 4 dB(A) was measured at a distance of 7.5 m from the track at a height of 1.2 m above top of rail for a track decay rate of 3.5 dB/m [500-2000Hz] (TSI) and an S49 rail profile. This depended on the speed and type of vehicle.

In general, the Calmmoon elements had the greatest effect for vehicles with rough wheels and low speeds.

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