Mode of operation

Air-borne noise reduction

The rail web noise shielding does not reduce the vibration energy of the rail, but the emission of the air-borne noise from the rail. The low mass of the elements of this technology of only 4 kg per metre of rail is one of the characteristics of this system.

Enclosure effect

The vibration energy of the rail caused by the train travelling over it continues to be emitted by the rail as unabated air-borne noise.
Calmmoon Rail very effectively reduces the emission of this air-borne sound to the environment by forming an "enclosure" around the rail.

Reflection cycles

An air space exists between the rail web noise shielding and the rail. The energy of the air-borne sound emitted by the rail is reduced by the reflection cycles between rail, shielding and absorption in the Calmmoon and foam elements.

Calmmoon Rail reduces the air-borne noise emitted by rail web and rail foot very effectively. The mechanism is similar to that of a "mini sound screen".

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