Advantages & benefits

Additional benefits of using FFU® in bridge construction


  • Any shape that can be drawn can be reproduced with millimetre precision
  • Dimensionally stable, even after a derailment
  • Use of existing fasteners
  • Use of existing tools
  • No change to static bridge support system
  • Full-surface support on the steel girders
  • No change to deadweight of bridge
  • The visual appearance of the bridge is maintained
  • Simple working on the project
  • Fast repairs possible
  • Very good technical characteristics


  • Service life forecast to be 50 years or 1700 million load tonnes
  • Since 1980 no returned material - 35 years of experience
  • Low construction height in centre of sleeper, e.g. 16 cm
  • High level of availability of track
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved railway safety
  • Short track possessions
  • LCC analysis by Graz Technical University - more economic than wood after 15 years of use
  • According to DB AG only 5% higher project investment required
  • Recoverable material after end of service life


  • Long service life without impregnation
  • Free from insecticides
  • High resistance to weathering
  • 100% recyclable
  • No impairment of water or soil
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