Rail web noise shielding

Calmmoon Rail wraps the rails in elements of thin sheet steel onto which is glued the Calmmoon technology for the reduction of airborne noise energy and the vibration energy of the sheet steel. On this, a sound absorbing foam is attached permanently. Two clip fastenings secure the noise shielding permanently to the rail.

Calmmoon noise damping plate

This is the key technology of the system. With its unique material composition, it converts the sound energy emitted by the rail web into heat. This applies to structure-borne noise as well as air-borne noise.

Clip fastening

Two clips per rail in the space between two sleepers ensure that the rail web noise shielding is attached to the rail permanently and securely, both during railway operation and, even more importantly, during unrestricted track maintenance work.

Rail profiles

The dimensions and shape of Calmmoon Rail are defined by the rail profile to be damped, the length of the space between two sleepers, the type of sleeper and the rail fastening used on the sleeper.
As a result, optimum adaptation to the particular local conditions of the track is achieved and the maximum area of the rail web is damped effectively.

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