FFU® synthetic wood has all the machining advantages of natural wood.

Custom manufacture in the factory

You are able to order FFU synthetic wood railway sleepers manufactured with millimetre precision from the factory.

In general, any sleeper can be manufactured for which you provide us with an accurately dimensioned drawing. Whether you require holes for the grooved plates ex-works or holes in transverse direction to the sleeper, just let us know the diameter and we will supply this precisely prefabricated.
If you want to optimise the cross-section of a bridge sleeper, this is also possible. Your bridge sleeper will be clearly marked and delivered to the construction site. You only have to unload it and install it in the position specified in the plans.

We supplied the largest railway sleeper ever manufactured by SEKISUI to Network Rail in 2015. Its cross-section was 38/38 cm and the length was 750 cm.

Working on the project

If you want to work your FFU railway sleepers yourself, this is possible with normal tools for woodworking, metal working and with Widia quality.

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