Installation of Calmmon Rail

Only 8 kg mass per metre of track

The installation weight of Calmmoon Rail is about 8 kg per metre of track.
The requirements of Deutsche Bahn with regard to durability and effectiveness at temperatures in the range of –20° C to +60° C due to the weather and +80° C due to the use of eddy-current brakes are fully met.

Material handling

The elements which are delivered on pallets in units of 10 sleeper sections are distributed manually along the track to be shielded before installation.

At the same time, the ballast below the rails is removed with ballast forks to a depth of about 10 cm so that the shielding elements and the fastening clips can be installed easily.

Installation of rail web shielding

Then the two shielding elements are brought up against the rail on both sides in the section between two sleepers until they sit at the rail. The clips are fitted one after the other. The clicking of the clips indicates audibly to the staff that the clip is safely and durably installed. The ballast which was removed is now manually returned to its original place. If requested, the rolling marks on the rail are transferred in a permanently visible manner to the Calmmoon Rail elements.

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