Longitudinal baulks

Big dimensions

Longitudinal baulks in the area of railway bridges are primarily used in English-speaking countries. The dimensions of these Longitudinal baulks made of FFU have thus far reached 850 cm in length, 45 cm in width and 51 cm in height.

These are not the maximum dimensions which can be manufactured to millimetre precision. Sleepers can be produced at widths up to 60 cm, lengths up to 11,500 cm and heights specified by the customer.

Manufacturing precision and machinability

Manufacture to millimetre precision of these long sleepers, the same machinability as wood and the use of conventional fastening systems together with the very high life expectancy are some of the compelling reasons why more and more of such bridges are fitted with FFU.


The proven long service life of FFU as well as the reliability of the material over its lifetime offer perfect peace of mind for the railway operating companies.

Furthermore, this technology does not have any adverse effects on water and soil. This was proven back in the 1980s by Japan's "Food Research Institute".

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