Methods of repair

Repair options

If during working on FFU sleepers on site, bore holes have been made deficiently, in the wrong place or of the wrong size, FFU synthetic wood technology offers two different quick and easy methods of repair without impairing the quality of the material.

Resin with glass fibres – 30 minutes

For this method, the defective bore hole is re-profiled, cleaned and then filled with a 2-component polyester resin and glass fibres.
After a curing time of just 30 minutes a new correctly positioned hole offset by just a few millimetres can be made in the area of the repaired hole.

Resin plus FFU synthetic wood plug – 4 hours

With this method, the defective bore hole is cleaned and filled with liquid synthetic resin. A plug of FFU synthetic wood is then inserted.
Curing takes about four hours for this method, before a new bore hole can be made at the repaired spot.

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