Munich Technical University 2008 – 16 cm

Tests carried out on FFU® synthetic wood – 16 cm construction height

  • Vibration fatigue test
  • Tensile force in sleeper screw
  • Sleeper screw extraction test
  • Impact test
  • Electrical resistance
  • Static testing in centre of sleeper
  • Fatigue testing in centre of sleeper
  • Static compressive test
  • Static deflection at low temperature R = RT and R = -10°C

Derailing tests

The impact test intended to simulate derailing was carried out using a shock load of a 500 kg mass dropped from a height.
After two tests at the same spot, FFU synthetic wood showed merely the image of a "wheel flange". Even after this derailment simulation the FFU sleeper remained dimensionally stable; this guarantees that the track gauge is maintained if a derailment occurs.

Test at low temperature

To analyse their behaviour at low temperatures, FFU sleepers were put into storage at -20°C.
The ensuing test showed that, even at extremely low temperatures, FFU retains its technical properties and the fibres of FFU synthetic wood remain free of brittleness.

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