Special projects

Special projects and special profiles

At its initial trial back in 1980, bi-block sleepers of FFU synthetic wood were installed on a ballastless track segment in a tunnel.
The initial test results from 1985 confirmed the outstanding material properties of FFU synthetic wood.

Level crossings

Level crossings on branch lines were, in the past, generally built with wooden sleepers. The rapid weathering of wood, severe loading from agricultural and forestry vehicles and equipment and, at the same time, the need to maintain adequate safety for crossing pedestrians meant that wooden constructions had to be repaired or replaced within a very short space of time.

In contrast to wood, FFU synthetic wood is an almost pore-free material that absorbs no moisture, needs no environmentally harmful chemicals (environmental and water protection) and proves to be extremely weather resistant.

These aspects make for safer level crossings and offer the certainty of a substantially longer functionality.

An old crossing can be removed and a new one of FFU synthetic wood installed within just one hour. Train services can be resumed immediately thereafter and the crossing released for traffic again.

In addition to the high life expectancy, FFU synthetic wood is 100% recyclable.

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